The maintenance of your vessels is an important process that requires a meticulous regular work.Thanks to our professional team, NTK Marine ensure you the adequate maintenance operations to your yacht throughout the French Riviera. Our cooperation with the best shipyards and maintenance subcontractors in the region, we offer a complete yacht management. Our omnipresence and our technical skills enable us to carry out the necessary maintenance and repair for your boat.

We propose a multitude of complete high-end services:

  • Engine Services
  • Fairing and antifouling
  • Interior and exterior cleaning
  • Polish
  • Security equipment check

With custom-made services, you can benefit from our tailored advices and choose the kind of intervention that corresponds the most to your needs.

Yacht Rental Management

A boat at port is more prone to damage than a boat at sea. To compensate for this “erosion” NTK Marine offers yachts rental management.

Renting your boat helps to cover some maintenance costs that you may be facing throughout the year.

Our charter division is committed to controlling every step of the rental process and is responsible for promoting your yacht with its most interesting customers through its various communication tools.

Buying a boat or a yacht with NTK Marine and putting it through rental management with us, is the best way to own and comfortably handle such an investment.

Serenity and tranquillity are the hallmarks of a successful yacht rental for an owner.


After purchasing your yacht, there’s a step you need to consider : winterizing. At the end of the season, you want to leave your boat in good hands whether dry or afloat.

NTK Marine ensure the safety of your boat in one of its hangars or its berths, by providing regular control. Your boat will be ready, whenever you want to put out to sea.

Our winterizing services:

  • Dry winterizing: water outing and storage under hangar
  • Winterizing afloat: regular mooring check, starting up the engines, checking the batteries, cleaning.


Want to give your yacht a fresh look or add some customized options? Thanks to our proficiency and specialized technical teams, you can adjust your yacht according to your preferences and desires.

NTK Marine will provide you the necessary assistance in every step of your renovation project. We already offer a wide range of services to modernize your boat:

  • Naval architecture
  • 3D rendering
  • Design and decoration
  • Interior fitting
  • Electronic Equipment

Our team will manage the required refit on your yacht according to your request.