COUACH Yachts, subcontractor VANDUTCH Navy Dutch




Press released: 20 August 2015

COUACH Yachts, subcontractor VANDUTCH Navy Dutch

The Dutch manufacturer of marine yachts VanDutch has signed an outsourcing contract with the shipyard Couach Girondin for the manufacture of its new range.

The company, based in Heerenveen in the Netherlands, which all vessels were previously made by the shipyard Marquis Yachts, located in Wisconsin (USA), and intends to increase its production capacity to meet the orders.

This will be between 50 and 80 boats per year Couach” said Michel Prezioso, assistant general manager of the site.

The work should begin soon.  Couach must deliver for the beginning of 2016 the first of four VanDutch 75 already on order.  22 meters long, this motor yacht, which is part of day-boats category, is the flagship of the brand.

Other vessels with Girondin site will load are new versions of VanDutch 40 (12.08 meters) and 55 (16.49 meters) and two new models of 42 or 43 and 47 feet.

18 month contract:

For each of them, he returned to the boat Couach achieve A to Z and ensure the tests. Delivery is, meanwhile, at the door of the site. VanDutch involved in marine transport them to their final destination.

“The contract, which covers a period of 18 months, automatically renewable, provided that we build yachts to every continent except those for America,” said Michel Prezioso. The presence of their Marquis Yachts explaining this.

This agreement could allow us to double our turnover,” says Michel Prezioso. This turnover was of € 9.7 million in 2014. As to consider the impact on the current staff of 180 employees of the project, the Deputy Director General remains cautious: “This will create jobs” if he merely said.

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