VanDutch – The avant-garde in Dutch yacht building

For more than five years our company, VanDutch NTK Marine has been the exclusive VanDutch boat reseller.
Located in Golfe Juan, 5 minutes from Cannes, our team puts all its experience and know-how at your disposal to help you purchase, sell, manage, or hire a VanDutch boat.
As the originators of the launching of this unique boat, we are proud to be able to offer the high end service that a VanDutch boat owner is entitled to expect. The VanDutch brand has opened a new era in the world of day-cruisers and luxury tenders with its breath-taking design combining conviviality and performance. This new year 2014 is seeing the line extending with the appearance of the VanDutch 75 as our flagship, remarkably underlining the coming of age of this ship builder.

VanDutch 30

In a day boat of less than 10 metres, the VanDutch 30 has all the elements that made the success of its older sister, the VanDutch 40.
The same pure style and simple deck layout make it a perfect family open. Its features and unique manoeuvrability also mark it out as a luxurious Motor Yacht tender.

VanDutch 40

The VanDutch 40, which is instantly recognisable from its inimitable look signed Frank Mulder, is also an open with remarkable seafaring qualities.
An immense cockpit for a boat this size, as well as a vast sun-bathing area make it a true floating “lounge”. Even so, the cabin has enough space for 8 around its table, which is convertible into a double bed.
There is no doubt that this brand best seller will satisfy the most demanding customers seeking to sail in excellence!

VanDutch 40 Walk Around

This new WA (Walk Around) version offers a cockpit layout that is different from the VanDutch 40, privileging movement on board and ergonomics.
The size and performances remain the same.
With its cabin for 2, the VanDutch 40 WA is the perfect luxury tender combining breath-taking design and functionality.

VanDutch 55

With the same fluid lines as the VanDutch 40, the VanDutch 55, from its sheer size, majestically imposes the pureness of the original design.
This immense and simple to use day boat fitted with the latest technology, has a vast cockpit which is perfect for convivial and unforgettable days out in an atmosphere that combines comfort and elegance.

A large passenger compartment that sleeps 6 gives the VanDutch 55 the perspective of long distance trips.

VanDutch 75

Benefiting from the experience gained from the previous models, the brand new VanDutch 75 is a majestic alternative to the initial VanDutch concept. Its pure lines, its vast cockpit, and its faultless finish make it an exceptional vessel which is surprisingly easy to manoeuvre.
The flagship of our fleet, the VanDutch 75 is a noble demonstration of the power and elegance of Dutch design. Its interior design privileges volumes and simplicity in a very “modern art” atmosphere.
Powered by its 2 x 1800 CV, it sails solemnly in any sea conditions, tracing a unique path that combines elegance, art and power !