VanDutch Boat Rental for the Porquerolle Islands: Rent a VanDutch boat and  discover the infinite charm of the island of Porquerolles where steep islets have formed and fine sandy beaches await you.

Porquerolles Island is almost opposite Hyères in the Var, a small town located between Saint-Tropez and Toulon. The island is famous for its beaches. The most famous being the Silver Beach on the northern part of the island, which is still natural and unspoilt. On the southern side, there are steep cliffs and coves.

Porquerolles Island is the largest pearl of the archipelago known as the Golden Isles, which are formed by the islands of Port Cros, Porquerolles and Levant. The island became a World Heritage Site in 1988.

Port-Cros is the number one marine national park in Europe and you will find that there are exceptional moorings in the reserve to see the natural fauna and flora. Towards Toulon you can also visit the Oustaou-de-Diou cove (House of God).

Cruising time between the Port Camille Rayon in Golfe-Juan and the Porquerolle islands: 2 hours and 30 minutes.